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  • 4. Access to xLinkly - our newly developed Dynamic Video Link Tracker (Never been launched on any platform so you will be the first to own this tool)
  • 5. And Track Your Video Performance in Foreign Countries for Global Ranking

Rank Monitoring Tool

Imagine if you could keep a close eye on each of your videos or your client videos to know exactly how it's performing across different countries?

This is one of the best video ranking tools for every serious video marketer as it gives you more power over your competition. You will get:

- Ability to set rank notification so you can be alerted when your videos drop or goes up in rank on YouTube. This lets you monitor your video performance closely.

- Ability to set geolocation-based rank notification to monitor how your video is doing in other countries. Priceless!

You Could Use This For Your Client videos by setting rank monitoring for unlimited videos across several countries. Think of Global Ranking for Better visibility.

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And Remember - You can set unlimited rank monitoring for unlimited videos! Wow

Video Link Tracker

Never use raw links ever again as you will be losing a ton of traffic in the process. Use our brand new Link Tracker Software that shows you deep metrics about each link so you know the quality of traffic you're getting with tips on how to better improve it.

With xLinkly Link Tracker, You Get Access to:

  • Dynamic Link Statistics: allow you see detailed statistics about your links including precise date/time, click counts, countries, referrers, devices, browsers and more.
  • Link Grouping: Group multiple links together to allow viewing statistics for all links in that group and see how different groups perform when compared to each other.
  • QR Code Generator: Generate and copy a fully functional shortened url QR code with a single click. Scanning QR code will redirect to any long url of your choice.
  • Custom Domains: You can attach custom domains and subdomains so your short links will use your own site url.
  • Link Custom Pages: Create fully custom html pages with built-in WYSIWYG editor that can be shown to user before redirecting them to destination url.
  • Link Splash Pages: Add Splash pages with information about destination url and optional ads can be shown to user before redirecting them to destination url.
  • And lots more...

You Also Get Our Geolocation-Based Rank Checker With This PRO Version

You can pick a specific video link and check their rank across several countries in 1 click!

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  • 4. Our Brand New Never Launched Before xLinkly for Dynamic Link Tracking and retargeting
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